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American Airlines Pilot Scheduling Error Estimated to Cost $10M

A JPMorgan report estimates the price of an American Airlines scheduling glitch at $10 million. The airlines had a computer error that awarded Christmas off to too many pilots and left many flights without adequate staffing.

To fix the problem, American Airlines initially offered 150% of normal pay for pilots to pick up the available flights. The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which represents American Airlines pilots, reached an agreement with airline managers to increase pay to 200% of normal wages.

“We’ve reached an agreement that we believe will ensure that our customers’ holiday travel plans are not disrupted while also recognizing our pilots’ extra efforts to help resolve this challenge,” the APA said.

The estimate was reached by estimating pilot pay in December as a percentage of American’s quarterly wages and estimating that 1,500 flights will need to be staffed by pilots at the 200% pay.

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