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Better hiring decisions start with an improved process. Get access to more pilots with concrete recruitment possibilities. Spend more time hitting your pilot staffing goals and at surprisingly affordable prices.

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More Qualified Pilots

Get access to a wider pool of qualified candidates and find pilots that better match your business needs.

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Measurable results

Get in touch with pilots for less cost than existing recruiting processes and know which of your recruiting dollars are working.

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Complete View

Get immediate access to pilot's qualifications, experience, work preferences, and certificates/ratings.

Get more pilot applicants today.

Learn how Pilot Job Central can help.

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First three job listings are free.

Pilot Job Central is your alternative to expensive recruiting agencies and unreliable jobs boards. Creating your first three job listings is free and pilots can contact you directly on those listings. You only pay if you want to seek out and contact pilots directly or for additional jobs posted after the first three.

How it works

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Describe your position.

Create a free job posting on Pilot Job Central and specify how a candidate would be a great fit.

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Pilots apply to your position.

Pilots seek positions based on what fits their wants and needs and are able apply to your position.

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Filter by qualifications

Employers have the option to seek out pilots based on desired qualifications and contact them directly.

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Manage your matches.

You may manage your pipeline from within the Pilot Job Central platform or are able to export it into a format that better suites your workflow.

Get more pilot applicants today.

Learn how Pilot Job Central can help.

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Predictable, Fixed Pricing

Make unpredictable recruitment costs a thing of the past. Posting your first three job opportunities on Pilot Job Central is free. After that you pay a flat fee for additional job postings. Employers may also pay a low fixed cost to connect directly with pilots that are qualified and suited to their needs.

Employment Types

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Contract

Pilot Types

  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Instructor

Search By

  • Employment Preferences
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
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Your Data

Manage Applications Your Way

Use can Pilot Job Central's dashboard to manage applications and get an overview of your hiring activities. Or if that doesn't fit your workflow you can export applications and/or have them emailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how are employers charged?
Employers may post their first three pilot jobs for free. Employers pay for additional postings after the first three or to be able to directly contact pilots.
Are employers committed to hiring matched pilots?
No. Employers know their needs best. Pilot Job Central strives to bring you the best matches. However, we have no policies committing employers to offer employment to any specific applicant.
How do employers receive applications to their job postings?
Employers can choose to accept, monitor, and grade pilot applicants within the Pilot Job Central Dashboard. Employers may also choose to have job applications emailed to them.
Does Pilot Job Central Verify Pilot Credentials?
We are a matching service and do not verify individual pilots credentials. Pilot Job Central encourages employers to verify all pilot applicant information.

Get more pilot applicants today.

Learn how Pilot Job Central can help.

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