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Frontier Airline Pilots to Vote on New Pilot Contract

Frontier Airlines Airbus A321

After more than two years of negotiations with Frontier Airlines management pilots at Frontier could be close to a new labor agreement as they vote on a new contract.

Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), the union representing Frontier pilots, announced an “agreement in principle.” The pilots must still vote on whether they will accept the agreement.

The statement from the union said the new agreement “includes substantial improvements to pay, work rules, retirement, health insurance, and disability benefits. It retains the value of existing contract scheduling and vacation language and includes a $75 million ratification bonus to recognize the lengthy period of time it took to negotiate this agreement.”

Frontier pilots have been working under a contract imposed in 2011 to keep the airline out of bankruptcy.

Frontier Airlines and their pilots have been in federal mediation since 2016 in an attempt to come to an agreement.

Frontier pilots had previously said they were unhappy with their compensation as they were the lowest paid narrow body Airbus pilots in North America. ALPA said that Frontier pilots were earning, on average, 60 percent of what pilots at other airlines were paid to fly the same airplanes.

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