Welcome to Pilot Job Central. Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and become familiar with our system. The following guide will strive to help you to get the most from your job postings and candidate recruiting.

Getting Started

Pilot Job Central vets each employer prior to them getting started. Please contact us on this page and we will set up a user account for you and provide you with the details on how to access your account.

Logging In

After you have been notified that your account has been setup you may login to your account on this page. Please note: employers may not register on the login page. They need to register by contacting Pilot Job Central as described directly under the Getting Started heading above.

Pilot Job Central Log in Page

Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your password or need to reset it for any reason you can do so from the login page. In the login box you can find a link below the Log in button. The link says Lost your password? Clinking on this link will lead you through password recovery instructions.


When you first log in you will be directed to your Dashboard. From here you will be able to post and edit jobs, view candidates that have applied to your jobs, and view candidates that you have bookmarked. When viewing candidates that have applied to your positions you will also be able to rate those candidates, create notes on them, and remove them your job listings.

Pilot Job Central Employer Dashboard

Your Jobs

On your Dashboard under the Your Jobs header your job postings are listed. From this point you may hover over each job to get access to editing the job. Your editing options include edit, which will take you to another page to change the details of the job. You may also mark a job as filled, duplicate a job, or delete a job posting.

Pilots Job Central Dashboard individual job listings

Job Applications

From the Your Jobs section on the dashboard you will see a column for each of your job listings that says Applications. This shows you how many applicants there are for your job, and the green-blocked number is also the link that you click on to view and manage the applicants for that position.

Pilot Job Central Dashboard applicants view

Within the applicants view you are able to filter the list of applicants according to status and are also able to order the list of applicants based on newest first, name, or rating.

By clicking on the link highlighted by orange in the image above you may download your applicant data. You can then use this data in a separate application that supports the CSV file format if that better suites your workflow.

The buttons highlighted by green in the image above allow you to do several things with each applicant:

View message that applicant is allowed to attach when they apply to your position. This functions as a quasi cover letter.

This will open your email system with the applicant’s email address pre-filled in the ‘To’ field.

Attach a note on the applicant. This note is only visible to you.

Opens a panel where you can rate the applicant, delete the applicant from your job posting, or change the applicants status in relation to your job posting.


On the dashboard page there is a section that shows your bookmarks. Employers are able to bookmark pilot applicants, and include notes with those bookmarks.

From your dashboard you are able to view, edit, and delete bookmarks.

Employers create bookmarks when viewing candidates. The bookmark feature is found towards the top of an applicant page.

By clicking on Bookmark This Resume a panel will open that will allow you to save the bookmark and any notes you want to attach to the bookmark.

Posting a Job

You may post a new job by either clicking on the Post Another Job button on your dashboard, or by clicking in the navigation bar on the Post a Job link.

When creating or editing a job some fields are required, with most fields being optional. Optional fields are indicated as such on the field label. Job postings that provide as much detail as possible are the most useful to would-be applicants that are searching.

When you have filled in all the fields for your job posting there is an option to submit or save a new job posting. If you save the posting you may then later access it via your dashboard.

After submitting a posting you will be presented with choosing a package to use for posting your job. You will be able to choose from a package which has already been purchased and use a credit from that package, or you may purchase a new package.

Newly registered employers will be able to post their first 3 job listings for free.

Pilot Job Central choosing a package when posting a job

My Account

When you click on the My Account link in the navigation bar there will be an additional set of navigation links that appear below this. These links will guide you around the various sections in order to access and edit your account details.

Pilot Job Central Account Dashboard

Dashboard: view your orders and the credits remaining on those orders.

Subscriptions: view and manage your subscriptions. You can cancel a subscription in this section.

Coupons: view coupons that you have used or new discounts that are currently available to you.

Addresses: your billing and shipping addresses on file with Pilot Job Central.

Payment Methods: payment methods on file with Stripe. Note that Pilot Job Central does not collect or retain payment methods that you use with us. This information is only accessible to Stripe.A

Account Details: name and email address you have on file with Pilot Job Central. You may also reset your password from this page.

Searching and Contacting Pilots

You can search for pilots to contact by going to the View Pilots link in the navigation bar. The filter panel at the top allows you to select from multiple different ways to sift through pilots, allowing you to quickly find your ideal candidates.

There are several options for filtering pilots:

  • Location: view pilots in your area. This input field is supplied location information by Google Maps. It is an exact match system, so it is best to use the auto-suggested locations.
  • Location Preference: this field allows you to find pilots by their willingness to relocate for a job or whether they are ok with commuting to another city or being home based. This is a multi-select filter where you can specify more than one value.
  • Employment Preference: specifies whether candidates are seeking full time, part time, or contract work. This is a multi-select filter where you can specify more than one value.
  • Desired Operation Type: the specific type of flying candidates are seeking. This is a multi-select filter where you can specify more than one value.
  • Hide Pilots Not Open to a New Position: this checkbox will hide those pilots that have profiles, but are not interested in a new job.

Clicking on the checkbox Filter Pilot Qualifications expands an additional panel that allows you to find pilots based on their qualifications. The following items are available for filtering.

  • Show Only Pilots With ATP checkbox will only show pilots that have an Airline Transport Pilot certificate.
  • Show Only Helicopter Pilots checkbox will only show pilots that have helicopter licenses/ratings.
  • Show Only Pilots With CFI checkbox will only show flight instructors.
  • Minimum Total Flight Time: will show pilots that have total flight experience that meets or exceeds the value input.
  • Minimum Multi Engine Time: will show pilots that have multi-engine experience that meets or exceeds the value input.
  • Type Ratings – Airplane: shows pilot that have the specified airplane type rating(s). This is a multi-select filter where you can specify more than one value.
  • Type Ratings – Helicopter: shows pilot that have the specified helicopter type rating(s). This is a multi-select filter where you can specify more than one value.
Filter Pilots Panel

Viewing and Contact Pilots

Clicking on a specific pilot will allow you to view their profile. Some fields will not be visible unless you have one of the two following subscriptions:

To contact a pilot click on the Contact button near the top of their profile. When you do so you will be presented with Your Packages, which will include your available credits for contacting pilots, as well as packages and subscriptions available that you may purchase to contact pilots.

Contact Pilot Package Options

After making a selection from an existing contact credit or purchasing a new package or subscription, the contact button on that candidate’s profile will change from gray to green. When the button is green, clicking on it will provide you with the pilot’s email address.

Enabled contact button