• Full Time
  • Lansing, MI
  • February 4, 2023
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State of Michigan

Position Details

Position: Management Pilot

Type of Operation: Government

Location: Lansing, MI

Location Terms:

Compensation: $35.94-54.22 Hourly

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Job Description

Oversee and manage the operation of the Aviation Services Section. This section includes:

  • The Air Transport Unit which provides air transportation services to state employees utilizing a variety of aircraft and seven employees including two supervisors.
  • The Electronic Facilities Unit which provides a variety of specialized services to airports and MDOT staff including maintenance and installation of weather stations and navigational aids and also provides guidance, training, and oversight to MDOT's Unmanned Aerial Systems deployment and is served by three employees include a supervisor.
  • The Licensing Unit which oversees the licensing and inspection of aeronautical facilities in the State - including airports, heliports, hospital heliports and helistops, and flight schools which is served by six employees including one supervisor.
  • The Emerging Aviation Unit which oversees the Departments efforts to integrated unmanned aircraft, electric vertical takeoff landing aircraft, and other future aviation technologies. This unit also provides airspace support to a variety of Office Aeronautics functions.

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Required Education and Experience

Possession of a bachelor's degree in any major.

Five years of professional experience as an aviation specialist, airplane pilot, air traffic controller, certified flight instructor, airport manager, aviation consultant, or professional experience equivalent to aviation safety, training, education, inspection or airport planning; three years of professional experience equivalent to an Aviation Specialist 12; two years equivalent to an Aviation Manager 13; or, one year equivalent to an Aviation Manager 14 or supervising aviation specialists, airplane pilots, air traffic controllers, certified flight instructors, aviation consultants, or equivalent professional supervisory experience in aviation safety, training, education, inspection or airport planning.

Alternate Education and Experience

Four years of full-time experience as a certified flight instructor, airport manager, aviation consultant, airplane pilot, or air traffic controller; or, experience equivalent to aviation safety, training, education and inspection, or airport planning may be substituted for the education (bachelor's degree) requirement. This is in addition to the experience requirements.

Additional Requirements and Information

Some positions may require possession of a current pilot's license.

NOTE: Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be evaluated on an individual basis.

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To be considered for this position you must:

  • If applicable, attach a copy of your official college transcripts and/or foreign degree evaluation with your application.

for the State of Michigan (SOM) definition of an Official College Transcripts. Applicants who possess foreign degrees must have their academic credentials evaluated or converted into U.S. educational equivalents. Civil Service accepts evaluations from organizations listed on the or the All newly hired state employees are required to submit and pass a pre-employment drug test and physical (if applicable) prior to their actual appointment. Criminal and driving records will also be checked if applicable. Any position offer will be conditional until results of the drug test, physical, criminal background, and driving records indicate eligibility for employment.

The department reserves the right to close this posting prior to its original end date once a sufficient number of applications have been received.

Your application for any position does not guarantee that you will be contacted by the Department for further consideration. Only those applicants interviewed will be notified of the results.

If you have questions related to this posting, contact Staci Erickson at .

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Insurance Benefits: The State of Michigan offers health, mental health, dental, and vision insurance to eligible career employees, their spouses, and their children. The state also covers a life-insurance benefit of two times employees' annual salary (up to $200,000). The state also offers long-term-disability insurance that can provide continuing benefits if an injury or illness prevents employees from working. More information is available at .

Retirement Programs: The State of Michigan offers 401(k) and 457 plans for new hires to save for retirement. The state will automatically contribute an amount equal to 4% of your pay to a 401(k) account. The state will also match up to 5% of your pay if you contribute to your 401(k) account. Your contributions vest immediately, and the state's contributions fully vest after just 4 years. More information is available at .

Vacation and Sick Leave: Eligible full-time employees receive between 15 and 35 personal days and 13 sick days per year that may be rolled over to the following year if not used. Eligible employees also receive an additional day each year for community service or school functions.

Paid Parental Leave: Eligible employees can take 12 weeks of paid leave immediately after a birth or adoption to allow needed time together at home with a new child.

Paid Holidays: Eligible employees receive 13 or 14 paid holidays each year including New Year's Eve and Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve and Day.

Bonus Programs: Eligible employees with five years of service also receive annual longevity bonuses that grow as seniority increases. Some positions also may qualify for recruitment, retention, and performance bonuses or other special pay premiums.

Military Pay Differential: Employees in the guard or reserves may also qualify for supplemental pay benefits if miliary pay during qualifying duty is less than normal state pay. Prior military service may also allow seniority credits to accelerate eligibility for longevity bonuses and additional personal leave accrual.

Tax-Advantaged Programs: In addition to 401(k) and 457 retirement accounts, the state also offers flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), and qualified transportation fringe benefit (QTFB) programs that can help you save money by reducing your taxable income.

Student Loan Forgiveness: Working for the State of Michigan may allow you to participate in programs that forgive the balance of qualifying student loans. to help determine if you could qualify is available from the U.S. Department of Education.

Tuition Reduction: Some colleges and universities offer savings to eligible employees and family members to further their education while working for the State of Michigan.

Professional Development: To help develop your career, programs are available to apply for reimbursement of up to $2,000 a year for education and training for college course credits and non-degree programs.

Alternative and Remote Work Schedules: Depending on the nature of their duties, many state jobs offer flexible work schedules and remote or hybrid telecommuting options that can help obtain the work-life balance that you seek.

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Requirements to Apply

Required Pilots License

License Type: Airline Transport Pilot


Medical Certificate Required

Class: First Class

Education Requirement

Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree

Other Requirements

Passport Required: No

FCC Radio Operator Permit Required: No

Required Flight Hours

Total Flight Time: -- Instrument: --
Pilot in Command: -- Cross Country: --
Multi Engine: -- Night: --
Turbine Engine: -- Time in last 3 months: --
Turbine PIC: -- Time in last year: --
Time towards 121.436(a)(3): -- Additional Experience: --

Other Requirements