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Company Information

Aitheras Aviation Group

Position Details

Position: Captain
First Officer
- CE-560, CE-680, Learjet 35/55

Type of Operation: Medical

Location: Richmond, VA, USA

Location Terms: Must Live in Base

Compensation: $65,000 to 150,000 Annual Salary

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

As a pilot working for Aitheras you will have the rare opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Our flights consist of patient transport, organ procurement, and critical care transport, 90% of our trips are life-saving!

About us: Since 2005 premier medical facilities in the US and abroad have trusted Aitheras to transport critically ill or injured patients around the globe, safely and quickly. At Aitheras a culture of safety transcends every aspect of our operation, from medical preparedness and training to maintenance and post-flight evaluations. We are one of only a few non-scheduled fixed-wing operators fully certified in the FAA Safety Management System, helping set new standards for safety in the industry.

We Offer:

Competitive Salary
Type rating in CE-500 series aircraft
Type ratings on CE-560 and CE-680 and Learjet 35/55"
Medical, dental and vision insurance
401k plan with company contribution
Mobile phone credit
Uniforms provided
Initial and recurrent training at Flight Safety Int'l.
Opportunities for additional flight compensation

On top of all the great things we offer, our schedule is the best! 7 days on / 7 days off. That’s 2 weeks off each month! Your salary will still maintain a full year’s payout but with working only half the year!

Minimum requirements:

2500 flight hours Pilot in Command in Multi-engine Jet
1000 flight hours Second in Command
200 hours actual instrument
250 night hours
Multi-engine land ATP certificate
Unrestricted Passport
FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
Current First Class
Two years multi-crew experience
Medical certificate
CE500 type rating preferred
Must live or be willing to relocate to one of our hubs


Promotes positive attitudes toward compliance and safety.
Performs flight planning, aircraft preflight inspection and aircraft preparation.
Proper execution of the flight and ensuring navigation of the aircraft follows the approved flight plan, as cleared.
Maintains revisions to aircraft manuals, navigation charts, and checklists.
Knows of and adheres to regulations including recent flight experience and SOP’s.
Maintains current required licenses and certificates to comply with company, ICAO (as applicable) and FAA requirements.
Assists loading and unloading of baggage and providing passenger needs as required.
Ensuring the cleanliness and appearance of the aircraft, ordering catering, if required, and ensuring aircraft commissary inventory and supplies are on board.
Attends regularly scheduled ground and simulator training, maintaining flight proficiency and knowledge of all flight operations, regulations and aircraft systems.
Searches for and reports hazards.
Performs all other duties as assigned.

Requirements to Apply

Required Pilots License

License Type: Airline Transport Pilot

Ratings: Airplane Multi Engine Land

Type Ratings: CE-500

Medical Certificate Required

Class: First Class

Education Requirement

Minimum Education: No Degree Required

Other Requirements

Passport Required: Yes

FCC Radio Operator Permit Required: Yes

Required Flight Hours

Total Flight Time: 2500 Instrument: 200
Pilot in Command: -- Cross Country: --
Multi Engine: 2500 Night: 250
Turbine Engine: 2500 Time in last 3 months: --
Turbine PIC: -- Time in last year: --
Time towards 121.436(a)(3): -- Additional Experience: --

Other Requirements