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Company Information

Just Jump Skydiving

Position Details

Position: Pilot - General
- C182

Type of Operation: Skydiving

Location: Norwich, NY, USA

Location Terms: Must Live in Base

Job Type: Part Time

Job Description

Just Jump Skydiving is looking for a weekend pilot to finish the season in upstate NY. Airport is KOIC, Norwich NY. We fly a Cessna 182. Requirements are 500TT and 25 hours in Type. We prefer previous jump pilot experience.

Anyone that has "Jumpers Away" course may work with less hours.

We are looking to finish out October, but we will fly through the Winter and will need a pilot for next season. We pay $25/load with a daily minimum.

Requirements to Apply

Required Pilots License

License Type: Airline Transport Pilot

Ratings: Airplane Single Engine Land

Medical Certificate Required

Class: First Class

Education Requirement

Minimum Education: No Degree Required

Other Requirements

Passport Required: No

FCC Radio Operator Permit Required: No

Required Flight Hours

Total Flight Time: 500 Instrument: --
Pilot in Command: -- Cross Country: --
Multi Engine: -- Night: --
Turbine Engine: -- Time in last 3 months: --
Turbine PIC: -- Time in last year: --
Time towards 121.436(a)(3): -- Additional Experience: --

Other Requirements