• Full Time
  • Denver, CO
  • May 31, 2023
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Company Information

Frontier Airlines

Position Details

Position: First Officer
- A320

Type of Operation: Airline

Location: Denver, CO

Location Terms: Home Based

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Frontier Airlines Pilot Cadet Program will help to get you there and make you a successful commercial pilot in as little as two years with a direct pathway into a First Officer role at Frontier Airlines, home of Low Fares Done Right.

Successful applicants will be able to complete flight training at over 70 ATP Flight School locations nationwide, making it easy to find the location that works for you and your family. No prior flying experience is required and cadets will receive assistance in applying for financial aid to help offset training and living expenses. In addition, participants will receive select Frontier travel benefits during the program. Note that employment with Frontier will start upon successful completion of training.

First Class Medical - for more information click here
Vision corrected to 20/20
Valid passport, without restriction, to travel in and out of the U.S.
Valid driver's license
Able to pass standardized pilot aptitude testing
Ability to pass rigorous pilot training and evaluation program
Ability and willingness to work a variety of schedules including nights, weekends and holidays
Ability and desire to maintain a well-groomed and professional appearance
Ability to communicate in English
Ability to pass pre-employment drug testing and background checks
High school diploma or equivalent; BS degree preferred
Minimum age of 19 at program start
Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship
Able to obtain ATP financing and tuition
Ability to relocate domestically, potentially internationally, for flight experience during the training program

Requirements to Apply

Required Pilots License

License Type: Commercial


Medical Certificate Required

Class: First Class

Education Requirement

Minimum Education: No Degree Required

Other Requirements

Passport Required: No

FCC Radio Operator Permit Required: No

Required Flight Hours

Total Flight Time: -- Instrument: --
Pilot in Command: -- Cross Country: --
Multi Engine: -- Night: --
Turbine Engine: -- Time in last 3 months: --
Turbine PIC: -- Time in last year: --
Time towards 121.436(a)(3): -- Additional Experience: --

Other Requirements