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Company Information

Southern Airways

Position Details

Position: Captain
Flight Instructor
- PC12

Type of Operation: Regional

Location: Palm Beach, FL, USA

Location Terms:

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Southern Airways Corporation has been conducting charter operations under Part 135 since 2012 and added Essential Air Service operations in 2016. In 2019 we added Mokulele Airlines to the company, flying intra-island in Hawai‘i.   We operate under Southern Airways Express and Mokulele Airlines.

This position is based in:

Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, along with flexibility in schedules.  This position is not an FAA-required position under FAR 119.


Current FAA ATP or Commercial with Instrument.
500 hours minimum; 100 Cross Country, 25 of which are night.
Current FAA first-class medical certificate (certificate must be current prior to training)
Radio Operators Certificate
Valid US Passport (Needed for CASS)
Must be available and flexible to work variable shifts including weekends and holidays.
Must be authorized to work in the U.S per the Immigration Act of 1986.
Must pass a 10-year background check and pre-employment drug screen per airline and/or company regulations.

Job Specifications:

Conduct proficiency checks, line checks, and operating experience for pilots as required and in accordance with qualifications. Check Airmen who conduct more than half of the training received shall not be the same check airmen/examiner conducting the final check ride.
Conduct operating experience on flight crewmembers as follows:
1    The pilot receiving operating experience may serve as a required crewmember (SIC).

2    Follow the approved guidance provided in the Crewmember Training Program relative to proficiency checks or pilot operating experience.

3    Properly and completely fill out all proficiency check and operating experience forms as appropriate to the check or training is given.

4    Promptly forward all forms and documentation to the Director of Training/Operations subsequent to any operating experience or checks.

5    Inform the Director/VP of Operations of any known inadequacies or ambiguities in the training program.

6     Report any operating experience problems relevant to a trainee to the Director /VP of  Operations in their absence.

7.   Report the failure of any proficiency check to the Director of Training immediately. In his/her absence, report failures to the Director/VP of Operations or

the Manager of System Control prevents the trainee from conducting line operations until the failure is resolved.

8.   In the event of the failure of a proficiency check, inform the trainee that he/she is not to perform any line operations until the failure is resolved.

9    Consider safety the first priority during any aircraft training or checking activities

10   Remain responsible to the Standards/Operations Department while serving as a check airman; and

11   Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Standards and the Director/VP of Operations

Additional stipulations:

No Block Hours per month guarantee.
Hotel accommodations during training. Training is approximately 25 days.
Paid training.
Medical, Vision and Dental insurance is available with the company paying most of the costs. Life Insurance Policy - $50,000 fully paid for by the company.
$35 flat rate per diem when on an overnight away from the assigned base.
CASS Participant.

Requirements to Apply

Required Pilots License

License Type: Commercial

Ratings: Airplane Single Engine LandInstrument Airplane

Medical Certificate Required

Class: First Class

Education Requirement

Minimum Education: No Degree Required

Other Requirements

Passport Required: Yes

FCC Radio Operator Permit Required: Yes

Required Flight Hours

Total Flight Time: 500 Instrument: --
Pilot in Command: -- Cross Country: 100
Multi Engine: -- Night: 25
Turbine Engine: -- Time in last 3 months: --
Turbine PIC: -- Time in last year: --
Time towards 121.436(a)(3): -- Additional Experience: --

Other Requirements

  • Where permitted by law, this position requires an applicant to either be vaccinated for COVID-19 or to get vaccinated prior to the start of employment.