How does location apply to pilot (i.e - must live in base, can be home based, can commute, etc.)
What aircraft types will be flown in this position?
What crew position will this job fill? Example - Captain, First Officer, etc.
Deadline for new applicants.
Select each flight instructor rating required.
Is a passport required for this position?
Are there any type ratings required for this position?
What level of education is required for this position?
Required pilot in command time.
Is there any other specific flight experience required for this position?
What is the starting pay for this position?
Is the pay an annual salary our hourly rate?
How much will candidate be paid during training.
Is the training pay an annual salary our hourly rate?
How much is first year bonus if there is one associated with this position?
If there is a bonus associated with this position, what conditions must be met for employee candidate to receive it?

Company Details

How many airplanes are you anticipating to grow or shrink by in the next year?
Please describe any flow through agreements you have with other companies.