Post (10) Job Listings


  • Post 10  job listings
  • Listings are good for 30 days
  • Candidates can apply to your job
  • Manage applicants through PJC dashboard or by exporting them to your own system
  • Save 19% on each job listing
  • This is available to registered employers
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If you’ve already signed up as an employer this included your first 3 job postings for free. After that you have several options to continue posting additional jobs. This al la carte option allows you to post an additional 10 jobs which will stay listed for 30 days. Save 19% on each job listing.

Candidates have access to Pilot Job Central’s advanced filtering system, allowing them to find your job based on it matching their needs. You will know that candidates finding your job means they’ve already screened it for a match.

Candidates are able to easily apply to your positions with just one click. You will able to manage applications through Pilot Job Central’s dashboard and will be able to see most of the profile information on the candidates that apply. Or you can export candidate details to use in a system of your choice.

This option is available to registered employers.