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Republic Airline Has Announced A Tuition Reimbursement Program

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Republic Airline has announced a partnership with ATP Flight School to provide tuition reimbursement for pilots in flight training. This is part of a greater effort the airline is working towards to provide professional development and career progression for new pilots.

The partnership with ATP Flight School allows flight instructors to interview with Republic Airline when they have between 300 to 500 hours of total flight time. After a successful interview candidates receive a condition offer of employment from Republic and then begin receiving tuition reimbursement payments while working as a flight instructor for ATP Flight School. After reaching Airline Transport Pilot minimums these candidates begin flying for Republic Airline and continue receiving tuition reimbursements during their first year of working for the airline. Pilots enrolled in the program can receive up to $11,000 in tuition reimbursement payments.

Danielle Calnin, ATP’s director of Airline Business Development said “ATP has proven that Tuition Reimbursement builds a predictable supply of pilots, which is a competitive advantage for airlines like Republic. With Republic’s entry into the program, pilots gain experience to prepare them for a successful future in the airline industry.”

Tonya Gilbert, Republic’s managing director of Talent Acquisition said “ATP’s students know that we are making a tangible investment in their careers and in the school’s program. We’re absolutely delighted to have established this kind of relationship with ATP. They’re a great partner with a great reputation for the quality of their instruction and the quality of their graduates.”

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