Fledgling California Pacific Airlines says it is cancelling flights due to a shortage of pilots. The new airline began service to and from its base in Carlsbad, California with Embraer ERJ145s in November 2018.

The airline has been plagued with delays since it started revenue operations. Some have been mechanical. In one case an airplane was damaged when it was hit by a backhoe.

In late December California Pacific Airlines said it was canceling all flights until it could get more pilots hired and trained. The airline has called the suspension a “temporary pause on operations,” but has not provided a set date when it would resume operations.

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“All air carriers are feeling the impact of the shortage in some fashion,” said Fernando Pineda, chief operating officer of the airline in a statement. “We have been fighting this new reality and managed to reduce the impact on our customers until recently.”

Airline industry analyst Henry Harteveldt said he doubted California Pacific would ever be back on the West Coast. “You can stick a fork in California Pacific. They’re done,” he said. “If they do come back on the West Coast, it will be an airline industry miracle.”

Harteveldt said it is not normal for an airline to completely suspend operations for lack of pilots. He said the normal course would be to cut back on flights while looking for more pilots. He continued that the airline had very poor reviews from consumers and a damaged brand due to its flight cancellations, making a return very difficult.

California Pacific Airlines Pilot Jobs

California Pacific Airlines is advertising job openings for pilots, both for captains and first officers. The listed openings are for their Carlsbad, CA, Denver, CO, and Kennesaw, GA locations.

The airline does not specificy compensation but says that pilots can expect to be home every night and have a minimum of 12 days off from work a month. They say that their pilot positions “offers a quality of life most airlines cannot begin compete with.”

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