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Air Wisconsin Pilots Agree to New Contract Worth Almost $48M

In a recent vote, Air Wisconsin pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), have voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving a new three-year collective bargaining agreement. 83 percent of eligible pilots voted on the agreement, with 93 percent voting in favor.

The new agreement includes an average of 54 percent pay increase for first officers and a 38 percent pay increase for captains. The new agreement includes scheduling and reserve improvements and creates a new ALPA-Company Fatigue Review Panel to provide pay protection for operationally caused fatigue events.

“With this agreement, Air Wisconsin pilot compensation finally reflects the pilot market for fee-for-departure pilots. It immediately makes us competitive with our peer carriers and will improve our quality of life,” said Capt. Jack Roback, chair of ALPA’s Air Wisconsin Master Executive Council. “The training section of the agreement will also enable the pilot group to be ready to fly newer, larger CRJ700 aircraft should Air Wisconsin acquire them in the future.”

Air Wisconsin had previously flown as a United Express partner before signing a new capacity purchase agreement with American Airlines in late 2022. The pilots opened negotiations with Air Wisconsin in August 2022, and began flying for American Airlines in March of this year.

“When we began flying for American Airlines earlier this year, our pilots told us they expected to be paid the same as pilots at AA’s wholly owned carriers. This agreement accomplishes that goal and should help us attract more pilots who would otherwise find better-paying jobs at AA’s other regional partners,” said Air Wisconsin MEC chair Capt. Jack Roback.

Air Wisconsin Pilot Pay

About Air Wisconsin Airlines

Air Wisconsin Airlines is a regional airline based in Greenville, Wisconsin. The airline originally operated as a United Express partner in 1985, and then operated as US Airways Express on behalf of US Airways before becoming an American Eagle regional carrier.

From 2018 to April 2023 Air Wisconsin once again became an exclusive United express regional airline primarily operating out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. In April 2023, the United agreement came to an end and Air Wisconsin Airlines returned to operating as a regional airline for American Airlines.

Air Wisconsin airlines currently operates 40 Bombardier CRJ-200s for American Airlines.

New Air Wisconsin Pilot Pay Rates

Below are the new hourly rates specified by the new contract. Pilot pay does not directly relate to a normal 40-hour pay schedule. To get a general idea of what the pay rates mean for total compensation, multiply the hourly rate by 1,000 and this is a general idea of what an annual salary will look like.

YEARCRJ200 CaptainCRJ200 First Officer

Air Wisconsin Pilot Jobs

Air Wisconsin is hiring pilots. They are seeking new hires for first officer roles and also have a separate bonus and compensation program for new hires that are deemed Captain Qualified.

First Officer Position


The company states new hire first officer candidates may receive up to $73,000 in bonuses structured as follows:

  • $5K upon completion of First Officer IOE
  • $17K upon completion of CA Upgrade IOE
  • $17K 6 months after CA Upgrade IOE
  • $17K 12 months after CA Upgrade IOE
  • $17K 18 months after CA Upgrade IOE

When evaluating compensation offered by an employer, keep in mind that bonuses are often not covered by the collective bargaining agreement and are subject to change at the discretion of the company.

First Officer Requirements

  • Legal authorization to work in the United States
  • Must be able to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English Language
  • Must have an ATP or be qualified to obtain an ATP or Restricted ATP (CFR 61.159 and 61.160)
  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • FCC Radio License
  • Valid civilian passport and the authorization to travel to and from all cities and countries served by Air Wisconsin
  • Valid United States driver’s license
  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college preferred
  • Recency of experience will be considered

Captain Qualified New Hire

Captain Qualified New Hire pay ranges $102 to $150 per hour and includes a more generous bonus program than that listed above. Air Wisconsin offers a longevity match with no cap for pilots with U.S. Part 121 airline experience.

Captain Qualified New Hires require 1000 hours of second in command (SIC) or pilot in command (PIC) time at a Part 121 U.S. airline. Some Part 135 and Part 91 experience may apply.

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